the following link shows the storm system i directly measured being manipulated via satellite laser ... the same technique that the russian scientists and myself offered to the U S air force in the mid 90's to prevent hurricanes from making land fall ... now the US mil satellites are using it to attack our own country for the new world order bunch ... by the way the new world order crew is very fragile and would easily be taken out ... i recommend the angry crown technique as this is what they deserve ... in measuring this storm manipulation i was located about 200 miles west of san francisco (the large visible bay in the video in western california) at around 45,000 foot altitude ... you can see where i was relative to the storm as it was dragged down the california coast line from oregon where it started ... jim mcanney


for future reference i am reposting my january 03, 2005 posting ... 

january 03, 2005 posting ... the sun remains extremely active and erratic ... however the real story is the following ... in addition to the extreme solar conditions i have now clear evidence of manipulation of weather by what appears to be a military satellite that is either geo stationed over the pacific ocean or is on an orbit that allows regular pulsing of the atmosphere or can be moved into non-geo semi-stationary orbits by a station keeping propulsion system ... the following information i personally gathered at an altitude of 45,000 feet from a location approximately 200 miles west of San Francisco over the Pacific Ocean ...  a clear signature of a laser was observed and triangulated that was inducing the cyclonic storm approximately 200  miles off the west coast of Oregon and has since forced that storm center to move in a southerly direction and is now off the coast of northern California ... the purpose of this man made storm is to draw moisture off of what at first seemed a naturally occurring central Pacific tropical depression but i am now becoming more convinced that this second storm center also is being manipulated and maintained in location as it has been stationary over the exact same location in the Pacific ... NOAA computer predictions are totally incorrect and have been incorrect over that past weeks for not only this area but also for the affected areas which includes much of the south west USA ... the storms that were predicted to bring water to arizona for example were supposed to be drawing water from a jet stream coming down from alaska according to NOAA weather models (the water in fact is coming from the west and the south pacific) ... this is because the normal flow of the storm cells would have them moving in a totally different manner ... this all started to become obvious some time ago when the storm cells off of Oregon were forming and just setting there ... many times this same storm cell would form and dissipate in a matter of hours ... weather manipulation was clearly occurring... not following the normal seasonal progressions ... i made arrangements to place myself in a position where i could directly measure what i had since become convinced was weather manipulation of these pacific storm centers ... especially after the Florida Hurricane season ... when hurricane Jeanne did the loop de loop in the Atlantic and then headed for the same land fall location as hurricane Frances (i have been watching closely for signs of weather manipulation that i could measure and verify ... i was also confounded by the complete inability of NOAA computer models to predict the hurricane paths and weather in general ... those computer models are pretty bad to begin with but statistically for short range predictions they should have had a fairly good prediction record for the four major hurricanes of last fall and also for immediate weather of the pacific region ... all of this has been clear signs that the left hand did not know what the right hand was doing and is so typical of American Black Ops ... when i began noticing this weather "strangeness" i made arrangements to move into position to make direct measurements of what i now had become convinced were satellites sending laser beams to earth to ignite and move storms ... this was also confirmed when the strange Brazilian Hurricane of last March showed definite signs of manipulation ... on JANUARY 01, 2005 I MADE THE DIRECT MEASUREMENT AND CONFIRMED THROUGH MULTIPLE READINGS BY TRIANGULATION THE LASER SIGNATURE THAT WAS DRIVING THE STORM OFF THE WEST COAST OF OREGON as i said from an altitude of 45,000 feet approximately 200 miles west of San Francisco ... as you will see from the attached video clip the central pacific storm is stationary and is fueling the moisture for the second small storm center that has now moved south to be just west of northern California ... this storm is drawing large amounts of moisture and is flooding the west coast area ... this is a clear cut case of weather manipulation to devastate a populated area in the USA ... i have always been suspicious of the extremely large mil satellites that were put in orbit over recent years "to listen to the cell phones of terrorists" ... you do not need these large satellites for that purpose ... but you do need a large satellite for a high energy laser !!!!! ... i am not giving out at this time any more details ... but i captured the pacific satellite loop for your inspection of the two storm systems ... note that pacific system has been setting in the same location for almost 2 weeks ... the storm system over the pacific and just west of Oregon has been forming and dissipating a number of times over the past weeks as they got their calibration down i suspect ... watch the Oregon storm move southward in the video clip and watch how it drags the moisture from the central pacific storm into california's west coast and also is affecting the weather as far south as mexico ... it seems our boys in blue are doing more than fighting terrorists ... the solar conditions as noted above are extremely severe and erratic and the mil boys are apparently getting their jolly's by making a bad situation worse ...

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note ... if our mil denies doing this then who is doing it and why do the mil bozos not know about it ???? answer .... our own military is doing this and at this point i would safely wager to say that the Florida Hurricanes, the Brazilian Hurricane of March 2004 and possibly many other storms around the world were "enhanced" ... my first candidate for weather manipulation would be the french weather of the past year (possibly for not going along with the US iraq "war on terror")

for details on how this works and the complete history of my weather work including my work with the russians get a copy of "The Weather Book" ... the last chapters are dedicated to weather manipulation and the russian scientists' work with my science from the mid 1990's including many original communications reprinted exactly as they happened ... jim mccanney